A Video for the Nebraska Department of Education

The Nebraska Department of Education has spent more than a decade transforming old-fashioned “vocational education” into something more meaningful. 

What they’ve created — a Career Technical Education (CTE) program — is more entrepreneurial with a commitment to the inclusion of technology that is relevant to 21st century students and employers. And the soaring success of students participating in CTE programs across Nebraska is something worth shouting from rooftops.

In collaboration with Edison Creative, The Copy Lab wrote a 120-second script that helped the Department of Education showcase their impressive stats and how this program benefits ALL of Nebraska.

We built the video around the concept of “getting ready” and the focused on the message that preparing our students for their future positions them—and our entire state—for the technologically competitive future that awaits us.

The Department of Education was thrilled to see their success articulated in this way. And for a first-time collaboration, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Edison Creative. If you’re ever in need of video or animation, give them a call (and tell them I sent you).