A Website for a Poet

Sarah McKinstry-Brown is a one-woman literary steamroller on a mission to build deeper human connections through the arts. 

She’s a published poet; she runs a wildly popular program which brings together working writers and audiences to discuss works-in-progress; and she’s a sought-after teacher with gigs on Indian reservations, in juvenile detention centers, at major corporations, and senior living facilities. 

With her business and creative spheres so intertwined, it was becoming difficult for Sarah to articulate exactly what she did. 

That’s when she turned to The Copy Lab. Together, we identified the three areas she most wanted to focus on professionally and from there we wrote and built a website dedicated to just that.

One of the biggest challenges was capturing Sarah’s voice and tone. 

She’s a writer so word choice was essential. Our goal was to pull back the curtain on the creative process and allow Sarah’s readers to see what is behind her process and what motivates her. The headline on her Creative Collaborator page reveals the “why” behind her creative projects.

We also wanted to encourage site visitors to check out Sarah’s blog, sign up for emails from her, and contact her to inquire about bookings.

But it was important to Sarah that it never feel pushy or "sales-y". We resolved this by integrating buttons with relevant content and pairing "calls to action" with excerpts from Sarah's poems.